How to Create a Blog with Notion

It’s hard to believe that you can create a blog in under 5 minutes, isn’t it? Read this article and you’ll see. I promise! is one of the easiest tools to use for creating blogs directly from your Notion pages. All you need to get started is a Notion account and a Tail account. Both of them are free to use, so you can easily kick-start your blog spending zero money on the tools.
If you are done creating the accounts for these two tool then let’s get started!

What Will We Create in This Tutorial?

This is the blog that we are going to create in this tutorial. It requires the pro version of Tail to add the custom style, but you can get a really nice website even without spending any money. Let’s start with the first step.

1. Create the Blog Page in Notion

Let’s begin by duplicating this blog template that Tail provides. Press on “Use this template” button from the top-right corner, then press on “Duplicate” and select the workspace where you want to duplicate it.
After you duplicated the template, you have to make it public. To do so press on the “Share” button from the top-right corner, turn on “Share to web” and copy the link to the page. You will need it in the next step.

2. Create the Website in Tail

Open Tail Dashboard and press on “New site”.
In the first field add the name of your blog. In the second field add the Notion page URL that you just copied at the previous step. The last field is optional and it represents the link for your website. If you enter “my-blog” into the field, the link to your blog will be Pick carefully, the link should be unique. Choose something that represents you, but don’t worry, you can change it later.
When you are done filling the fields press on “Create”. It can take up to 2 minutes until you can access it using the link. Nevertheless, you can click on it to open it in the dashboard.
Your blog should look like this. Feel free to delete the yellow box with the instructions after you finish this tutorial.

3. Tail Dashboard Explained



Navbar is the component that appears on the top of your website where you can add a logo and different links to certain pages of your website.



Style section contains a lot of customization options for your website. You can change fonts, colors, sizes and more.



Pages section contains all the pages from your website. Don’t worry if you don’t see all the pages from your website here, they will appear once you access them for the first time. You can also use this section to customize the URL to certail pages.



Code section is one of the most important because it allows you to implement the look and feel you want for your website. You can also you this section to add custom scripts to your website.



Analytics section is a powerful tool that allows you to measure the number of views for each page, where the users are coming from, how many users are currently on your website and more.



Settings section is the place where you can change core features of your website.


Back and Forward

By using these two buttons you can easily navigate back and forward through your Notion pages.


Open in new window

By clicking this button it will open your website in a new page.


Mobile view

By clicking this button you can see how your website looks like on a mobile phone.

Refresh content

By clicking this button you can refresh the Notion content. If you make any change in Notion and you want to reflect that change into the dashboard, you will have to click this button.

4. Add Style to Your Notion Blog

To make your blog more appealing in terms of style you have to add few lines of code. You can find the code that you should add to your blog on step 3 from the instruction box or copy it from here.
Press on the “Code” section on the Tail Dashboard and paste it in the “CSS” tab. Now your website should look like this. Big improvement, right?

5. You Are Done with Your Notion Blog! 🎉

This is all for this tutorial. Now continue with adding content to your Notion blog. A lot of readers are waiting for you!
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them in the chat bubble from the bottom-right corner of the screen.

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