Tail - Create Websites with Notion - Free, Fast and Easy to Use

Create Websites with Notion Free, Fast and Easy to Use

Create a website with just few clicks using Notion. Tail provides beautiful no-code design, great performance, SEO optimization, custom domain and built-in analytics.
No credit card required!
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How it works?

1. Choose a Notion page

Pick the Notion page that you want to convert into a website and copy it’s URL.

2. Create a website in Tail

Create a website using the page URL that you just copied.

3. Share it!

Once your website is live you can share it with the world!

A lot of customization options

With our no-code builder you can easily change almost every part of your website: colors, images, dimensions, fonts and more. If no-code is not for you then we got you covered with integrated VS Code.
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Create and edit on mobile with ease

Using our fully responsive dashboard you can easily create or edit your website on the go. It doesn’t require a laptop to make just a small change.
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Always at your fingertips

Built-in analytics for your website

To make it even easier for you to get started, we included build-in analytics so you don’t have to deal with third-parties. They provide a lot of useful information like: top countries, top paths, top devices, top referrers, page views, unique visitors and more.
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Integrated VS Code for complex designs

For more customization options you can use our integration of Visual Studio Code, so you can tweak your website as you like with really nice auto-complete and instant changes on your website.
HTML / CSS / JS support

All the features you need

Super fast

Interact with your content extremely fast directly in Notion

Excellent SEO

Your website is automatically optimized for search engines


Use our no-code UI or write your own code to customize your website

Your domain

Want to use your own domain? Deal! You can do it

Free SSL

Automatically create SSL certificate for extra security


Built-in analytics or custom integration


You don’t have to worry about responsiveness. We deal with it

Custom URLs

Your website links are automatically made easy to read

This website is made using Notion and Tail

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